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Special With a Side of Mom Launches New Product Highlighting Non-Verbal Kids

Special With a Side of Mom launched their “Love Needs No Words” shirt to support inclusion for non-verbal children.

Special With a Side of Mom is a video blog created by two Austin moms, Pam and Jamie, dedicated to spreading awareness about children with severe disabilities like Autism and Cerebral Palsy. Pam and Jamie are friends that are going through their special needs parenting journey together and each have a severely disabled child. Jamie’s son is non verbal and on the severe side of the autism spectrum and Pam’s daughter is non verbal and on the severe side of Cerebral Palsy. They each have additional children and try to find a good balance.

“We are so excited to launch our ‘Love Needs No Words’ shirt,” said Jamie de Grasse, co-founder. “This message meant a lot to us because we are both parenting a non-verbal child. We thought that other people living or interacting with a non-verbal children would also appreciate the message.”

100% of the net proceeds from the “Love Needs No Words” tee will go towards building inclusion awareness in education, sports, community and the workplace. We hope to make the inclusion of children with disabilities the expectation, and not the exception.

The shirts are now available for sale in both children and adult sizes. To purchase, visit https://specialwithasideofmom.com/shop/.

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